Youth Dance Program

The focus on these lessons is on acrobatic floor and mat skills. Flexibility, strength and tricks are taught to enhance a dancer’s overall presentation while performing. No performance with this class.

Ballet Performance
Must be in ballet technique classes and have previous years experience in ballet. Performance classes will develop technical and artistic accomplishments.

Ballet Technique and Point
World renowned Cecchetti Professional Grades and Examinations offered. Edmonton School of Ballet Grades and Examinations offered to younger students. Ballet is the fundamental dance form and is recommended for all dancers. These are non performance classes.

Boys Crew
This is a Hip Hop class for boys who have progressed though the beginner levels and want to excel in a high energy, competitive class. Performance included.

An expressive style of dance that combines Modern, Jazz, Lyrical and Ballet. Contemporary dance stresses versatility and freedom of movement. Must have a stong background in Jazz, Lyrical and Ballet to qualify for this class. Performance included.

Hip Hop
An exciting and artistic dance form which originates from funk and soul music and has developed into various styles including Popping and Locking, Breaking and other styles as seen on music videos. Performance included.

A high energy performance class where students move to up beat dance music while incorporating leaps, turns, flexibility and tricks. Performance included.

Jazz Stretch and Technique
A combination of stretching, strength training and technique for leaps, turns and tricks. This class is recommended for all dancers who perform. This is a non performance class.

An expressive style of dance that combines Ballet and Jazz. Dancers use movements to express emotions and interpretation of music. Ballet and Jazz training is a pre-requisite. Performance included.

Original rhythmic styles and Al Gilberts Syllabus offered to all levels. Enjoy creating rhythm with your feet. Performance included.

Beginner and experienced classes in Hip Hop, Jazz, Ballet, Lyrical and Tap are offered. Class schedule is designed so Teens can take multiple classes on one night. Performance included.