Weekend of Dance 2017

Step By Step Dance Parents Association Presents Weekend of Dance with KBM Talent Los Angeles

Oct 8 & 9, 2017  

Radisson Hotel (just off Wye Road)

$350.00 per dancer

The 2-day dance convention will have 3 classes per day, Sunday and Monday, with 3 choreographers from L.A. As well as the assistants including Autumn Miller and Jessica Richens from "So You Think You Can Dance"  for a total 9 hours of instruction.  Included is a Meet and Greet and the opportunity as a parent to watch the instruction.   Class size is small in comparison to other dance conventions so the opportunity for hands on, more personal instruction is really unique.

Registration can be made by email to:  SBSDPA@stepbystepdance.ca 
You can leave your cheque at the SBS front desk.