September 2017 Newsletter

All the teachers and staff would like to welcome all the new and returning students! Thank you for your patience while getting everyone organized.  We are very excited about our new season!

To keep informed, please read emails sent throughout the year and check our website regularly.  Our newly redesigned website is kept up-to-date with important studio information!

Calendar of Events 2017-2018

Parents, mark your calendars …. Do not book holidays during the following dates.  By registering at SBS, you are making a commitment to be at Stage Rehearsals, Competitions, & the Year End Show.  Everyone in a group is part of a Team.  Thank you!


Introducing The SBS Team

Artistic Director - Noelle Bischoff    
Artistic Coordinator - Kristy Skoreyko
Ballet Director - Jacques Bourgouin
Teachers - Kristy Skoreyko, Jacques Bourgouin, Mandy L'Abbe. Alyssa Wiebe, Daniel Andries, Becky Froment, Kim Grenier, Chantel Woldanski, Janelle Pawluk, Stephanie Mills, Trista Gable, Emily Allen, Jennah Parron, Samantha Johnson, Jolie Van, Wendi Danbrook.

Expectations & Reminders


We are looking forward to a wonderful dance season!