September 2018 Newsletter


The teachers and staff would like to welcome all the new and returning students! Thank you for your patience while getting everyone organized.  We are very excited about our new season!

To keep informed, please read emails sent throughout the year and check our website regularly.  Our website is kept up-to-date with important studio information!

Calendar of Events 2018-2019

Parents, mark your calendars …. Do not book holidays during the following dates.  By registering at SBS, you are making a commitment to be at Stage Rehearsals, Competitions, & the Year End Show.  Everyone in a group is part of a Team.  Thank you!

Sept 10 – First Day of Classes
Sept 15 & 16 – Acro Starts
Sept 29, Oct 2 & 3 – Mini Stars & Baby Stars Fall Session Begins
October 6 – Regular Classes
Oct 7 & 8 – Thanksgiving, No classes Sunday or Monday
Oct 10 – Dance Parents Association Meeting
Oct 13 – Cookie Dough Orders Due
Oct 20 & 21 – Triple Threat Dance Convention
Oct 24 – Pick Up Cookie Dough Orders
Oct 30 – Competition Fees Due
Oct 31 – Halloween, special combined classes TBA
Nov 1 to 30 – Parent Watch Weeks (does not include sessions)
Nov 11 – Remembrance Day, regular classes
Nov 12 to 17 – Fall Break, regular classes
Nov 12 to 17 – Extra Choreography, TBA
Nov 24 – Festival of Trees
Nov 30 – Costume Fees Due
Dec 17 to 22 – Pajama Week
Dec 22 – Saturday – Last Day of Classes – Christmas Break
Jan 5 – Saturday – Classes Resume
Jan 8, 9, & 12 – Mini Stars & Baby Stars Winter Session Begins
January – Dance Parents Association Meeting
Feb 2 – ADEA Dance Spectacular 
Feb 16 & 17 – Last Day of Acro
Feb 24 & 25 – X Team Stage Rehearsals, DOW Centre
Feb 25 to Mar 2 – Parent Costume Meetings (non Extreme)
Mar 1 – Oil Kings Performance (tentative)
Mar 5 to 8 – Dance Power, Myer Horowitz, Edmonton (X Team Groups Only)
Mar 11 to 16 – Stage Rehearsals, schedule TBA, Dow Centre
Mar 18 to 23 – Artists Emerge Competition, Edmonton Expo Ctr (select Hip Hop only)
Mar 25 to 31 – Spring Break Starts – no classes
Apr 1 – Classes Resume
Apr 5 to 8 – Standing Ovation, Dow Centre, Fort Sask (all dancers)
Apr 22 – Easter Monday, Regular Classes
Apr 24 to 28 – Dance Jam, Dow Centre, Fort Sask (all dancers)
Apr 30 to May 5 – Fever Dance Competition, Edmonton Expo Centre (X Team Only)
May 8 to 11 – Dream Team Dance Festival, Festival Place, Sherwood Park (all dancers)
May 9 to 11 – Represent Dance Competition, Myer Horowitz, Edmonton (select Hip Hop only)
May 18 to 20 – Victoria Day Weekend, no classes
May 27 to June 1 – Class Pictures
June 8 – Year End DPA Party (tentative)
June 8 – Last Day of Classes
June 10 to 14 – Ballet Exams
June 16 – Showstoppers 2019, Jubilee Auditorium
July 1 – Canada Day Parade
July 4 to 7 – Showtime Finals, Kelowna, BC (Dream Team Finalists)
Aug 6 to 8 – Preschool Dance Camp
Aug 12 to 15 – Intensive Dance Camp
August – X Team Choreography with Wendi Danbrook

Introducing the SBS Team

Owner– Noelle Bischoff 

Artistic Director– Kristy Skoreyko

Artistic Coordinator– Kim Grenier

Ballet Director– Chantel Woldanki

Preschool Director– Stephanie Mills

Teachers - Kristy Skoreyko, Jacques Bourgouin, Mandy L'Abbe. Alyssa Wiebe, Daniel Andries, Becky Froment, Kim Grenier, Chantel Woldanski, Janelle Pawluk,Stephanie Mills, Jennah Parron, Jolie Van, Wendi Danbrook Emily Armstrong, Charlotte Purschke, Anna van Woerkom, Sammi Lajeunesse, Melissa Johnston, Chelsea Maier, Hannah Kolhman, Jessica Cannan, Nicole Van Woerkom


New Professional Ballet Program for SBS!

Step by Step is excited to announce we will be offering the Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus in ballet this season. The Royal Academy of Dance is one of the most recognized and respected dance education organizations worldwide. Their assessments and examinations set international standards in classical ballet and their registered teachers are highly educated and trained professionals.

The ballet department will record and communicate your dancer's progress with you at various points in the year and in addition, your dancer will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of assessments and examinations as the season progresses. 

We are excited to welcome some new faces and returning instructors to our ballet faculty under the direction of Chantel Woldanaski B.Ed, MRE, RTS (RAD)

Expectations & Reminders

Please place outdoor footwear ON the shelves provided.  Having shoes on the floor at the doorway is a safety concern. 
Dancers are strongly encouraged to LABEL their dance shoes, dance bags, water bottles, etc.  There is a lost & found in the main lobby as well as in the dancer’s loft. 
Dance attire and hair expectations are available by clicking here. 
Maintaining focus during class is very important.  Any phones or devices brought into class will be placed into a “Device Bin” during the class.  
The dancer’s loft is a privilege for dancers to use.  Dancers must clean up after themselves and respect the space and furniture. 
Running through the lobby and studios is dangerous and unacceptable. 
The parking lot is a busy place.  Parents are asked to drive slowly and cautiously and dancers should proceed carefully.  Young dancers are encouraged to wait inside for their parents to pick them up.   
We are looking forward to a wonderful dance season!

Registration opens September 1st! Don’t miss the 21st season of the Triple Threat Dance Convention.  An all-star faculty will lead dancers in classes at the Shaw Conference Centre on October 20 & 21, 2018.  Special rates for early registrations, one day registrations, and observer passes.  Check out for full details or to register. 



March 2018 Newsletter 

CLICK HERE for Competition Schedules

Congratulations to Dracula for receiving Most Outstanding Junior Group at Artists Emerge and to Daniel for his choreography award! And a big shout out also to Child's Play for their Rising Star Junior Group award! 

Class Cancellations During Competitions

Standing Ovation April 5-8 -  All regular classes at the studio are canceled except Preschool 3-5 years.

Peak April 9-15 - Only Extreme classes canceled, all other classes are as scheduled.

Dance Jam April 26-30 - All classes at the studio are canceled except Preschool 3-5 years.

Prop Volunteers

We are looking for parent volunteers who have groups with props.  Please sign up on our SBS website for upcoming competitions in the box titled Competitions.  Or click here to sign up now.  Thank you in advance for signing up and supporting your dancer. 

**Very Important Information for Parents and Students!**

Step By Step School of Dance
 Competition and Performance Etiquette
We would like to take this opportunity to remind students and parents of competition etiquette and protocol.

Dancers should be dropped off in the rehearsal hall 1 hour and 30 minutes prior to performance time in costume with hair and makeup done. Parents should then leave the rehearsal room. Important - If dancers are late resulting in missing the warm up or practice, they will not be allowed to perform.  It causes too much stress on the group, teacher and dancer to show up late.  Choreography may be adjusted to compensate for dancers who don't show up on time and will not be allowed to dance.  The group should not suffer for a late dancer.

Maintain a positive attitude and always display camaraderie and support for your fellow dancers. 

Adjudication – judges give a critique of a performance accompanied by a mark.  This will be favorable to you at times, and not at others.  It is important to remember that it is one person's opinion of the performance that day and the critiques that the judge gives should be seen as a chance to learn and grow as a dancer.  It is also important to measure your performance based on your own opinion of how you did and to always strive for a personal excellence.  Please do not show disrespect towards a judge. 

 While watching a performance, please show respect to the dancer(s) by staying in your seat and not talking for the entire performance. No whistling or shouting at any time.

 Do not discredit other performances or other dancers. 

 Please do not bring cameras into the theatre – photo or video. This will result in disqualification.

 Please leave the task of criticizing and giving corrections to the teachers. Dancers and parents should only offer support and positive reinforcement.

 When backstage please remain quiet and try not to move around. Stay out of the wings and be aware of dancers doing runarounds as well as all the props.

 Please keep the rehearsal hall and change rooms clean, ie. pick up garbage and keep track of your costumes and dance accessories.

 Remember to keep all snacks nut-free.

 Always remember you are representing more people than just yourself.  You are representing your family, your teacher, your group and your dance school.  Conduct yourself in a respectable and friendly manner at all times. 

Our main goal is to provide each other with positive and enjoyable experiences wherever possible.  This will encourage teamwork, increase self-confidence and enhance the learning experience of performing at festivals and competitions.



February 2018 Newsletter 


Costume Meetings

                X Team - Costume Information Sheets Only

                All other groups - Feb 26 to Mar 3

                Daniel’s Saturday Hip Hop - Mar 10

Parents are asked to attend their dancer’s performance classes for the last 15 min to receive important costume and competition details.  Dancers are NOT required to bring their costumes to this meeting.

Groups Costume and Stage Rehearsals

March 14, 16, 17, 19, & 21  Dow Centre, Fort Saskatchewan

 ***Attendance is Mandatory *** 

Includes every group 5 years and older.

This is an excellent opportunity for students to practice on stage, taking into consideration curtains, formations and spacing.  It's very important that all attend this event.  Please arrive 30 minutes before your rehearsal time.  Students are required to wear their costume, proper shoes and hair in a bun or ponytail.  Dressing rooms will be available for costume changes.  Thank you to the SBS Dance Parents Association and everyone's fundraising efforts to make this possible. 

Click here for March Stage Rehearsal schedules.


Team Commitment

March, April, May and June are filled with performances.  Every dancer is an important part of a team and upon registering, made a commitment to participate in stage rehearsals, all competitions, and the year end show.  We know it takes a village to raise a child and dancers are no different.  Consider speaking with other parents from your group if you need help getting your dancer to and from.  Thank you in advance for all of your efforts!

Earring, Eyelashes and Lipstick

All SBS dancers age 6 and up must wear rhinestone earrings, false eyelashes and our studio colour lipstick. These are the same colours and styles as last year and can be purchased at the front desk. 

Earrings $15

Eyelashes $15

Lipstick $10



January 2018 Newsletter

Step By Step App 

Have you downloaded our app?  Keep up to date with competition schedules and studio events by clicking here.


Competition Schedules

Competition schedules normally arrive 4-6 weeks prior to performance dates.  We will post the schedule on our website as we receive them.


New Addition

Thank you to our Dance Parents Association for the purchase of a new 65" television that has been hung in Studio D.  It is a tremendous opportunity for our dancers to watch and critique their own performances!


Team Commitment 

Please mark you calendars with the above dates! March, April, May and June are filled with performances.  Every dancer is an important part of a team and upon registering, made a commitment to participate in stage rehearsals, all competitions, and the year end show.  Thank you in advance for arranging for your dancer to attend all performances. 

Costumes are Arriving!

Everyday, more costumes are making their way here and being distributed to dancers.  There are some key things for dancers and families to keep in mind:

Costume Meetings 

                X Team, Artist Emerge Hip Hop Groups - Feb 12 to 17

                All other groups - Feb 26 to Mar 3

                Daniel’s Saturday Hip Hop - Mar 10 

Parents are asked to attend their dancer’s performance classes for the last 15 min to receive important costume and competition details.  Dancers are not required to bring their costumes to this meeting.

**Meetings may be rescheduled for costumes that have not yet arrived.  You will be notified by email.

Track Suits

Track suits ordered will be ready for pick up at the end of February, in time for competitions!



December 2017 News


Happy Holidays from the Staff at SBS!


Christmas Tree Gift Card Raffle

Draw Date: Friday December 22, 2017

Ticket Price: $5 each- available at SBS

1st Prize: Christmas Gift Card Tree (valued at approximately $2000)

2nd Prize:  Family Basket (valued at approximately $500)

3rd Prize:  Youth Basket (valued at approximately $500)

Raising funds for the Step By Step Dance Parents Association


Pajama Week at Step By Step!! 

As a Christmas “treat” starting Saturday December 16, we are inviting our dancers to wear their Pajama’s to dance class all week.  Please remember your teachers still expect you to dance as hard as you can so wear PJ’s that will allow you to dance Full Out.


December 22- Combined Class Schedule:

Junior 1 and Junior 2 - 4:00-5:00

Junior 3, Junior 4, Junior 5 and Inter 1 - 5:00-6:00

Int. 3, Jr X, X1-2  - 6:00-7:00


Congratulations to all of the Team Canada dancers.  You represented Canada well in Poland and we are very proud of your accomplishments!


Did you know that we have an app?

Click here to download the SBS app to keep up-to-date with schedules, studio events, and more!


Watch for your dancer's music to be emailed to you before Christmas break!


October 2017 News 

October 21 - Team Wear Orders Due

October 25 - Pick Up Cookie Dough Orders

October 28 - Wear Halloween Costumes

October 30 - Competition Fees Due

October 31 - Disney Trip Deposits Due

October 31 - Happy Halloween - Evening Classes Cancelled, Preschool Daytime Classes running

November - Parent Watch Weeks (Does not include sessions, see below)

November 1 - Dance Parents Association Meeting, 6:30pm

November 11 - Remembrance Day - Regular Classes

November 12 to 19 - Fall Break, Regular Classes

November 25 - Festival of Trees - 3 & 4yr old Preschool Performances

November 30 - Costume Fees Due

December 22 - Last Day of Classes

January 6 - Classes Resume


Important Reminder:

March, April, May, and June 2018 will include stage rehearsals, performances, and competitions.  Please do not plan your holidays during these months.  This is a team effort.  The exception to this is Spring Break March 26 to April 1, 2018.  Thank you!


Competition Fees

Competitions fees are due October 30, 2017 for dancers ages 5 and older.  Click here to access our competition spreadsheet for detailed costs and competition information for each dance group.  Please be advised that we will be charging your credit card the corresponding amount unless an alternative payment arrangement has been made with an Office Manager.


Happy Halloween

Dancers are welcome to wear their costumes to class on Saturday, Oct 28th.  Please ensure that your dancer can still move and dance in their costume.  Preschool classes will still run on Tues, Oct. 31, however, afterschool/evening classes are cancelled. 


Parent Watch Weeks 

Nov 4 to 10 - Jennah, Becky, Stephanie, Mandy, Janelle

Nov 13 to 18 - Daniel, Kristy, Jolie, Jacques

Nov 20 to 25 - Alyssa, Kim, Emily, Chantel

During parent watch weeks, parents are invited to come in for the last 15 minutes of choreographed classes to see what their child has been working on and the progress they’ve made.  For Jacque’s ballet technique classes ONLY, parents are invited to stay for the entire ballet class. 

We ask that only ONE parent come to watch during classes after 4:00pm and on Saturdays.  Thank you in advance for your understanding and patience as we have limited space at SBS during these weeks.  We understand that this schedule is not perfect for every family so please do your best.  Some juggling is acceptable.


Team Wear

Team Wear Jackets, Pants, and Dance Bags are available for order. Deadline is Saturday, October 21st! 

Order forms are available at the front desk.  Dance Bags will be in before Christmas; Jackets and Pants will not be in until after Christmas!