Hair & Attire

Below is a link to a YouTube video that shows you how to do stage make-up. This is for all students performing in Jr. 1 and up. When I made this video I made a couple of mistakes - I got a one word mixed up (I said eyebrow instead of eyelid) and my face left the screen a few times. If you have any questions, please ask your dance teacher.
You can buy lipstick, false eyelashes and rhinestone earrings at the front desk.
Lipstick $10
Eyelashes $15
Earrings $15
Instructional Videos

Video of how to do a ballet bun:
For ballet performance groups. Please do not do have any part for this bun. Slick the hair straight back into a pony tail, and then make the bun. Use at least 15 bun pin (not bobby pins.)

Video of how to do space buns:

Video of how to put in a high curly pony tail hair piece:
For Preschool, Jr. 1 and Jr. 2 Jazz and Tap. Please note that the hair pieces we use are much tighter curls. The combs in the net of the our hair pieces are on the sides (not the top and bottom like this video.) When making the initial pony tail please use lots of hairspray and gel. Jr. 1 and Jr. 2's must have bangs pulled back.

Video of high straight pony:
For Extreme Team
Please use 2 strong hair elastics the same colour as your hair to insure it does not fall out. Pony must be straightened - no waves or curls. Hair must be slicked back with lots of hair spray and gel. No baby hairs or fly aways! Do not wrap hair around the pony tail like in this video (it often falls out on stage.) This is the only video I could find that is close to the look that we are going for.