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September/17 News

Step By Step will be taking a group of dancers to Disneyland in July 2018 where they will perform in two parades; one down Main Street and one in California Adventure. Dancers will also participate in a Disney workshop! 

The event is organized through Dance The Magic. 

This is a fun-filled dance trip that parents and families can be part of!!!

When? Saturday, July 7 to Monday, July 16 2018 (10 days)

            Tentative Itinerary

  •             Saturday, July 7 Travel to Los Angeles
  •             Sunday, July 8 Free Day
  •             Monday, July 9 Free Day
  •             Tuesday, July 10 Team Barbeque for Everyone
  •             Wednesday July 11 Free Day
  •             Thursday, July 12 Dance Camp/Workshop
  •             Friday, July 13 morning: Parade Rehearsal; afternoon: Disneyland Parade
  •             Saturday, July 14 afternoon: California Adventure Parade; evening VIP Dancer Celebration Party
  •             Sunday, July 15 Free Day
  •             Monday, July 16 Return home or stay if you like

Who Qualifies?  Enrolled in Jr. 3 Jazz or higher and registered in Ballet

What are the Costs for a dancer?  (flights and hotel are not included)

  •             With a 5 Day Disney Park Pass:  $1250.00 CDN (includes Admin and Teacher Fee) 
  •             With a 6 Day Disney Park Pass:  $1300.00 CDN (includes Admin and Teacher Fee)

            Dancer Package Includes:

  •             1 Day Dance Camp
  •             Costume & tights
  •             Rehearsals in Disney
  •             VIP Dancer Celebration Party
  •             Memory DVD of performance
  •             Parades
  •             Special gift from Dance the Magic

How to Register a Dancer?

A non-refundable deposit of $250 per dancer is due by October 15.

Balance due March 1/18.

Just go on to ONLINE to your SBS account and register for 2018 Disneyland!


Rehearsals will be held at throughout May and June.  Teachers will organize costumes and will be with the dancers at all the SBS and Disney functions in July.

Where Do We Stay?

We have been busy pricing hotels and are planning to do a group booking for 2 hotels. (one in the Disney Park and one outside) Once SBS's decision is made you will be provided with links for the hotels so that you can book the one that best suits your family needs.  These hotels will have group discounted rates and are offered only as a suggestion.  You are free to book wherever you want.

Hotels we are very interested in are the Staybridge Anaheim Resort Hotel and Suites at $169.99USD per room/night and the Disneyland Hotel $274.00USD per room/night


Getting There

Everyone will be responsible for booking their own transportation to L.A.  We will let you know what flight the teachers are on if you want to book on the same flight.  We would like everyone to be there by Tuesday, July 10 for the Team Barbeque. 

 Fundraising Opportunities

A committee has already been formed and will be in contact with you about fundraising opportunities.

Special "Family and Friends" Disney Park Pass prices

  •        5 Day Hopper Pass:  $440 CDN
  •        6 Day Hopper Pass:  $500 CDN


Due March 1/18


Please email info@stepbystepdance.ca or call 780-464-3788 and ask for Noelle

Downtown Disney, 2014

Disney Performing Arts Dance Workshop, 2014