May 15, 2020


Dear Parents,

Thank you for your patience! We have been working hard to figure out next steps for things like Online classes, Competitions, Costumes and Year End Show while continually adapting to information released by the Government of Alberta and the health authority.  It has been changing so quickly, it’s like a moving target that’s hard to pin down.

As you are likely aware, with announcements from the Chief Medical Officer, summer competitions and the Year End Performance at the Jubilee are cancelled.  I know this is disappointing for all the families and teachers, but safety is our priority as we move through this together.

We have waived monthly tuition for families for April and May and will do this as well for June.  We understand that the economic impact of this pandemic is wide-reaching and that many families have been affected.  

Online classes will continue as an option to engage our students with technique classes hosted by our talented teachers. Our dancers are staying strong as they continue training.

Competitions have not given us all the answers necessary and we are still in conversation with them. At this time, it appears that most competitions will carry forward registration fees as a credit for us for 2021 Competition Season. We will keep you updated and informed as we continue to receive details about this.

We are hopeful that dancers will be able to use this season’s costume(s) in the future.  As such, please keep your dancer’s costume(s) and stay tuned.

Summer plans for classes and workshops will be released soon! Please know that we continue to make plans and explore safe options for fall classes as well.

We hope that you and your family are well and finding ways to stay connected and safe.  We miss our dancers and look forward to seeing you all again as soon as we can! 

Step By Step Team 


April 2, 2020

Hello Dance Families,

Just a reminder for dancers to SIGN-UP for April’s New On-line Classes that start tomorrow!

Let’s keep the momentum going, and continue training with our dance friends and teachers. Step by Step is offering live dance classes on ZOOM, where the teachers can view all their students together during their classes (if you choose to use your camera while taking the class). We are offering Jazz, Tap, Hip-hop, Ballet, Lyrical, Contemporary, Strength and Core and Preschool classes online. A class costs $20 per month. Sign up for as many as you like!

April’s online classes will run from Friday, April 3 – Thursday, April 30.

April – Revised Schedule:

Monday – Ballet
5:00pm – Ballet age 8 and under (Chantel/Melissa)
6:00pm – Ballet age 9-12 (Chantel/Melissa)
7:00pm – Ballet age 13+ (Chantel/Melissa)

Tuesday – Hip-hop
5:00pm – Hip-hop age 8 and under (Daniel)
6:00pm – Hip-hop age 9-12 (Daniel)
7:00pm – Hip-hop age 13+ (Daniel)

Wednesday – Lyrical
5:00pm – Lyrical age 8 and Under (Kim)
6:00pm – Lyrical age 9-12 (Kim)
7:00pm – Lyrical age 13+ (Kim)

Thursday – Jazz
5:00pm – Jazz age 8 and under (Kristy)
6:00pm – Jazz age 9-12 (Kristy)
7:00pm – Jazz age 13+ (Wendi)

Friday - Contemporary
5:00pm – Contemporary Intermediate (Age 9-12) (Emily)
6:00pm – Contemporary Advanced/Extreme (Age 13+) (Emily)

Saturday – Preschool
10:00am – Terrific 3’s/Fab 4’s (Jennah)
11:00am – Fab 5’s (Jennah)
Saturday - Strength and Core
1:00pm - Strength and Core age 9-12 (Corynne)
2:00pm  Strength and Core age 13+ (Corynne)

Sunday – Tap
1:00pm - Tap 8 and under (Kim)
2:00pm - Tap 9-12 (Kim)
3:00pm - Tap 13+ (Jolie)

To sign up:

1. Visit:
2. Log in to your account
3. Click on “Enroll in a Class”
4. Select the schedule “Online Classes – April 2020”
5. Enroll in your classes
6. Complete the checkout process
Families who have signed up will get emailed the private class links and instructions. Only SBS dancers who are enrolled in the classes to join. 

Make sure your dancers have a safe space to dance. Movements will be condensed to accommodate smaller dance spaces.


Please let me know if you need help or have any questions. See you online!


Kristy Skoreyko

March 16, 2020

Hello Dance Families,

The SBS staff are very proud of all of our dancers hard work and commitment over this dance season. Our goal is to keep the positive momentum going and keep our dance family connected.

To help keep the kids active, and promote their love of dance training, we have created an online platform exclusive to SBS families where we can stay connected. We will hold free, on-line dance classes taught by SBS teachers for our students to take from home. These live videos can be viewed through our new, private Facebook Group: SBSdance LIVE - Please follow the link to submit your request to join. A schedule for online classes will be posted in the group. (Please note that these classes are not mandatory for anyone.)

Although it is still uncertain, we have hopes that our dancers will get opportunities to follow through with performing their routines with their dance group teams. Getting our students back into the studio to pursue their love of dance is something we are looking forward to, as soon as it is safe. Our hope is that each dance group can remain a team and follow through with performing together. 
At this time, Dance Extreme, which starts April 15, has not been cancelled!

We kindly ask that you give us time as we navigate through all of these changes from day to day. We are following the direction of the Alberta Minster of Health and plan to re-open as soon as it is deemed safe. All missed classes will be rescheduled – our plan is to extend the dance year to June 20. Thank you again for your patience and understanding.

Kristy Skoreyko and Kim Grenier
Step by Step School of Dance

March 15, 2020

Hello Dance Families,

We have made the decision to close Step by Step starting Monday, March 16 until further notice. All classes, extra rehearsals and stage rehearsals are postponed and will be rescheduled at later dates. 

The safety of our dance families and staff is priority.  

We will keep you updated as things change. 

Thank you for your understanding and patience as we navigate this uncertain time.

Noelle Bischoff
Step by step School of Dance

March 16 and 17 - Stage Rehearsal Change - Dow Center is not available for use therefore we are having them at the studio! Click here to review the scheduled times.  

All extra Choreography rehearsals booked during the day will also take place at the studio during Monday and Tuesday at the scheduled times.

To help us lower the number of people in the SBS building, we are asking parents to drop off the dancers dressed in their first costume with their belongings and pick students up after their last rehearsal time. Staff will help dancers with costume changes. Parents are welcome to wait in their vehicles, but please be mindful of exhaust fumes. We kindly ask that parents do not wait in the lobby.  

March 16 and 17 - Evening classes - All non-extreme classes are cancelled. Regular Classes for Extreme.

In addition to the prevention measures we listed in previous emails, a manager will be circulating every hour to wipe things down. 

March 19-22 - Artists Emerge has been postponed. Extreme Hip Hop Only.

Thank you for your understanding and patience as we navigate these uncertain times.

Message from Artist's Emerge:

In response to the latest Alberta Health Services announcement, we regretfully have decided to postpone our Edmonton and Vancouver Events. Health and Safety of our staff and dance families is our number one priority!

We are in the process of working diligently with the venues in figuring out possible new dates. We will inform all participating studios of the new dates. 

Due to the volume of communications we are receiving we may not be able to respond to all individual patrons but hope that you can relay the message to your parents in the interim.

We will be posting a statement on social media to follow. 

Hello Dance families,

We will try to keep you informed as quickly as possible about any changes within the dance community due to COVID-19. As of today, no competitions that we are registered in have been cancelled. We are concerned with Spring Break and the large amount of people travelling and the imposed quarantine. We are just processing all this information now and will send you another newsletter about this asap.

Step By Step will follow the Elk Island Public/Separate School policy if school closures occur. 

We would like to assure you that we are going the extra mile cleaning at the studio. The floors and bathrooms are washed daily. The ballet bars will be cleaned after each class. We have hand wipes and in every studio. There is plenty of hand soap for washing hands.

Prevention- while the current risk of catching the virus in Alberta remains low, this may change in the coming weeks. The following steps are important in preventing the spread of common respiratory illnesses (such as influenza) as well as COVID-19 whether at home or while travelling:

• use good hygiene practices, such as frequent handwashing;

• cough or sneeze into your elbow or a tissue. Dispose of tissues immediately and wash your hands;

• avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands;

• stay at home and away from others if you are feeling ill;

• don’t share items that may have saliva on them such as drinking glasses and water bottles;

• clean high touch surfaces such as taps, doorknobs and counter tops frequently;

• contact your primary health provider or Health Link by calling 811 if you have questions or concerns about your health